As I begin this Blog, I gather my most precious treasures of beautiful memories. I reflect upon adventures, both East and West of the Bosphorus, as I celebrate the beauty of culture and the footsteps of my travels. This is my story…may it continue to evolve and nourish my soul.

The Beginning:

We met on a fall night in the historic old city district of Philadelphia. My expectations only consisted of meeting someone nice and learning about a part of the world I knew nothing about. Little did I know it was the start of my lifelong journey into the Turkish culture. We met through modern means, no family connection, no friend matchmaker, no coincidental meeting in the coffee shop, but fate brought us together through the internet. Since that unlikely, yet life changing connection, two lives have become one family. We have grown together, learning, exploring and creating. We have welcomed two curious and energetic children to this world and continue to dream big of a simple life filled with community, family and memory making. With two cultures, an open mind and a desire to make a difference with a positive impact on those that I encounter, I welcome you to TurkishTeaTalk and hope that you return often and become part of our extended community.

About me:

I grew up in South Central Pennsylvania, moved to just outside of Philadelphia for college, stayed for Grad school and moved to the heart of the city as I began my career as a physical therapist. Fast forward…I met my husband, we got married and we slowly started moving back to fields, pastures and farms of Bucks County, PA.  We have the opportunity to return to Turkey each year to visit with family, explore and hopefully instill the beloved Turkish culture to our children. We also try to bring Turkey to our home, through traditions, food, environment, and the deeply imbedded culture that lives within my husband and has made a profound impression on me. I wish to share this blending of two cultures with you through my stories, my conflicts, my travels, my home and everything that has made me fall in love with Turkey.